Bookstore Satisfaction Survey

Which Bookstore did you use?


Employee Status

Student Status

Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements:
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Don't Know or N/A
I am greeted when entering the bookstore
It is easy to get assistance at the bookstore
Bookstore staff responds to feedback to improve services
Bookstore staff has reasonable resolutions to my problems
The bookstore has attractive displays
The bookstore has helpful in-store signs
The bookstore has the course materials I need, when I need them
The bookstore has reasonable hours of operation during the semester
The bookstore has reasonable hours of operation during registration
The bookstore does a good job of educating us on why books cost so much
I understand why books are expensive (publishers represent 75% of cost)

Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following:
Very Satisfied
Very Disssatisfied
Don't Know - N/A
Assistance of staff
Friendliness of staff
Knowledge of staff
Selection of school supplies
Variety of college logo items
Variety of clothing items available for purchase
Ease of locating products I need at the bookstore
ONLINE textbook purchasing process
ONLINE textbook rental process
ONLINE textbook rental return policy
Bookstores return policies
Bookstore textbook buy back procedures
Using financial aid for your bookstore purchases

Is it likely that you would:
Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Don't Know or N/A
Purchase and use E-books over traditional textbooks in the future
Make a future online purchase
Rent a Textbook in the future
Make a future purchase at the bookstore
Purchase more clothing and merchandise if there was a better selection
Purchase computers and other electronics if it were available

How many times through the school year do you shop at the campus bookstore for any reason?

How many times have you have rented TEXTBOOKS using our online rental services?

For the textbooks you needed at TVCC, what percentage did you purchase at this bookstore?