Distance Learning Survey

Please take a moment to help us improve your Distance Learning experience at TVCC.


1. I took a distance learning course because:

2. I currently reside:

Strongly Agree
Neither Agree Nor Disagree
Strongly Disagree
Not Applicable
3. The assignments and projects helped me understand the course material.
4. I feel I have learned as much and done as well as I would have in a traditional classroom setting.
5. I will take another distance learning course of this type at TVCC.
6. The course provided adequate opportunities to communicate with the instructor.
7. My professor provided feedback in a timely manner.
8. Assignment completion dates were well documented in the syllabus.
9. The tests given for the course represented a broad sampling of information in all course materials.
10. The course provided adequate opportunities to communicate with other students.
11. The course provided adequate opportunities to interact with learning resources relevant to meeting student learning outcomes (textbook, library, laboratory, websites, video, etc.).
12. Registration procedures were convenient for me to enroll in this course.
13. I received all the support services (registration, testing, counseling, bookstore, financial aid, etc.) I needed as a distance learning student.
14. Overall, I am pleased with the services I received as a TVCC distance learning student at TVCC.
15. The course was valuable, and I would recommend it to other students.
16. My course was accessible through different devices (computer, mobile, tablet).
17. My course was easy to navigate and locate my content and assignments.
18. The course provided clear instructions and my grades were easy to track.
19. My online community was respectful and safe to express ideas.