Dual Credit Survey

1.  What is your position?

2.  How would you rate the following Dual Credit activities and programs?(Scale 1-4, 1 being the lowest - 4 being the highest)
a. Overall, how does the Dual Credit program rate?
b. Director Assistance
c. Dual Credit Website
d. Dissemination of Dual Credit Information
e. Course Scheduling Process
f. Student Registration Process
g. Dual Credit Live Chat
h. Online Embedded Faculty Training/Materials
i. Parent Night Meetings
j. Use of Dual Credit Proctors

3.  Were you satisfied with the services you received from the program during this school year?  Please comment.

4. Are embedded Dual Credit courses at your high school taught with college rigor?

5. Has there been an increase in the curriculum rigor in regular high school courses, with the increased Dual Credit offerings on campus?

6. Have you heard of any transferability issues with Dual Credit courses to four-year colleges or universities?